About us

  • Galaxy was established in 2014, operated in trading cotton, yarn and chemicals for the textile and garment industry.
  • Since begining of 2016, our first spinning factory started production, and begining of 2017 the second spinning factory will be started with more than 8,800 rotors, more than 400 employees, with total capacity up to 1,500 tons per month.
  • Our Company manufactures 100% Cotton yans, with counts ranging from 10S – 32S.
  • Galaxy products are sold about 98% are exported and 2% in domestic market. Our international markets include countries such as: Korea, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Latin Countries, etc.
  • Galaxy Cotton Company always strives to satisfy customers, find new directions to improve product quality and raise the brand. With these core values, we have become one of the best spinning mills in Vietnam.

The mission

  • To provide high and consistent quality yarn, diversified count at a competitive price to domestic and international textile and garment industry. We strive to become the top yarn spinner not only the Vietnam, but in all of Asia.

Strategic orientation

  • We use only the best cotton and fibre available and most suitable for each product. The majority of which is US, Australia and West Africa.
  • We invest heavily in our production and quality control systems. Our machinery is manufactured by the best quality brands in Germany, Indian, Japan, etc.
  • Our employees are well trained, and regularly undergo enrichment skill training programs to keep current with new technologies, changes, also to increasing efficiency and productivity

Keeping quality consistent, competitive price, with the market to provide the best value for all of our customers.